Sanders Campaign Surrogates Form Nationwide Organizing Non-Profit

Sanders Campaign Surrogates Form Nationwide Organizing Non-Profit


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Sen. Nina Turner, Dr. Cornel West & Killer Mike: “There’s no such thing as an off-year”

(NEWARK, NJ) –  Former State Sen. Nina Turner (D-Cleveland), Dr. Cornel West, and Activist/Entertainer Killer Mike are joining forces with former Bernie 2016 presidential campaign staffers, national community organizers, and thought leaders to launch a nationwide nonprofit called Member Policy and Campaign Teams – or, MPACT U.S.

MPACT is a nationwide nonprofit that will support year-round, issue-based local and national organizing efforts across the socioeconomic spectrum – from underserved populations of color, to all low-income rural, suburban and exurban communities.

“We felt that an organization like MPACT was necessary, because there’s really no such thing as an off-year when it comes to elections,” Sen. Turner said. “Our communities need to be actively engaged in conversations and education efforts year-round. That’s just not happening in the current political climate. We plan on engaging all communities around the country on issues that begin at the local level, so local people can roll their sleeves up and do the work. We are no longer going to wait for candidates to come in and engage with these communities about the issues and what they stand for in the sprint to Election Day. MPACT and its allies will be a vehicle to keep communities consistently engaged.”

Turner, West, Killer Mike and Sanders campaign staff came together to be founding advisors of MPACT after witnessing the power that local, grassroots engagement had on the campaign and communities across the country– and recognizing the need to engage those same voters daily.

“We have to educate and organize our own communities to create real power,” said Killer Mike. “Just as we have to invest in our own communities to build economic power, organizing on local issues is the key to national success within our neighborhoods. MPACT is here to make sure we do this year in and year out.”

“Over the past several years we have seen a rising movement in this country of people saying ‘enough is enough’ and taking action,” said Dr. West. “Regardless of whether elite politicians are willing to put the needs of the people before special interests, we must take the reins and lead at all levels of the political process. The founders of MPACT came together and developed a plan to engage our communities across multiple platforms to resist the systemic pressures placed upon us.”

“We are honored to have former State Senator Nina Turner, Dr. Cornel West, and Killer Mike serve as Founding Advisory Board Members for MPACT.” MPACT Communications Director Anoa Changa said to supporters. “We look forward to their leadership helping to guide us going forward.”

CEO Marcus Ferrell told supporters they had the ability to become agents of change by joining the efforts of MPACT. “We need your help in laying the groundwork and building teams within your communities. Through your work with local MPACT teams, you can become agents of sustainable change and success at the state and local level,” Ferrell said. “MPACT will be rolling out nationwide in phased increments, advocating for policies like felony rights’ restoration,15 dollar minimum wage, and racial justice. Our organization is member-driven, so we plan for most of our issue efforts to come from the bottom up– and that is exactly how we are going to organize.”