MPACT Stands with Nissan Workers in Canton, MS

MPACT Stands with Nissan Workers in Canton, MS

Today workers and supporters will lead a historic civil rights march in Canton, MS fighting for workers’ rights and equitable treatment. Labor is the backbone of our country. United Automobile Workers (UAW) have been organizing workers at the Nissan plant in Canton.  A collective of workers, organizers, and supporters nationwide have joined to demand fair pay and safe conditions for workers at Nissan’s Canton plant and others.

MPACT supports the organizing efforts Nissan workers, local leaders, our friends in labor, as well as organizations such as Sankofa and the NAACP.  Success at the Canton plant would be a win for labor organizers across the entire South.  Workers, such as the people organizing in Canton, should not feel threatened or intimidated by trying to access their right to unionize.

The march will be streamed at beginning at 1:30pm ET.

Please share information about the march and ongoing efforts across your networks and social media. For more information check out Coalition for Rights at Nissan and Do Better Together.

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It is not enough for people to say “resist” the current administration. We have to be willing to stand with our fellow citizens and demand that corporations treat us with dignity and respect.  Men and women who get up and go to work everyday, making the products we consume, deserve our support.


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